Applications for Timing Relays

relay switchTiming relays are made with a specific control system and with a simple and easy access for a start, control and also for protection. This machine is designed like a control relay to operate at a specific time interval or time wrap. Moreover, this machine has multiple mount options, models, functionality and timing range, and cost-effective relays to meet any kind of timing conditions. It has also special pin configurations and remote adjustment and some other unique features.

Most of the industrial application needs this machine that can offer reliable service and also can easily manageable over the timing ranges. There are variety of the options in this category and an accurate selection is required for a particular application, and the selection should be made on the basis of service requirements and also with a clear knowledge of the operating system of the machine because there are different kind of operating systems and utilities for different kind of machines and a proper selection can serve the purpose most. A number of timing devices are available with distinctive features and also with different designs to meet specific purposes.

Basics of this machine

One should know the basics to recognize the effectiveness and the operating system of this device. And here it is related to the ladder, diagrams or schematic.

• Ladder, diagram, or schematic illustrates the mechanism in the electrical series ignoring the physical location.

• In ill 20, a coil is tagged CR and also there are also two normally open and close contacts and all of these contacts are located on control relay CR.

• Schematics are constantly drawn to demonstrate components in the de-energized, or off state.

• Any contact whose number or label is similar to loop is controlled by that loop only.

• Whenever the coil energizes, all the possessed contacts change their position. And the normally close contacts open and normally open contacts will close with this changing procedure.

• When it is de-energized again, all the contacts will come to their real positions again.


This timing device is used for different kind of application and some of the more accepted uses are

• To organize the acceleration of contractors of motor starters.

• To time the opening and closing of regulators on refrigeration tools.

• For any kind of application where the operating progression requires a delay.

Different types of timers

• Pneumatic

The design and the features of the pneumatic make it more suitable for industrial applications. This timer has a good adjustable option, high-quality repeat accuracy, and also available with a variety of timing adjustments.

• Motor driven

It is mostly used for Frg. 3 and Frg 4, and it is also used for the occasional starting of any large motor. A motor driven timer sequentially opens and closes switch contacts those are wired in circuits to rejuvenate control relays to achieve good operation.

• Electronic

From all the timers, electronic is more popular in the current market since it meets all the requirements of industrial purposes. It has good repeat accuracy and it is less expensive in comparison to other products of this category. It is able to set a greater range of time delays and also to perform multiple timing functions.

Why choosing a right product is important

There are different kinds of timings devices and also most of them deliver good results. It is not always easy to choose the right product when wide options are available with many distinctive features. Here are the some important factors that need to be considered while selecting a timing management device.

• Duration of timing delay is important.

• Wide range helps to deliver better results.

• A good sequence of process and resetting is required.

Cost is also an important factor and the good thing about this product is that it is available both in higher and lower prices and also one can get a good electronic machine within the range of his budget.

Some other requirements

• Suitable power supply

• Good temperature range

• Contact ratings with normally close and normally open system

• Good contacts and operating system

The compact design and the utility make this machine a preferred choice in the industrial circles since it is suitable for industrial control cabinet and also for power distribution board.